The Suryakunda temple at Darshannagar in Ayodhya will soon be converted and all-day activities will start here. Various arrangements are also being made here to attract tourists and children. Apart from the cafeteria, arrangements have also been made to build 50 shops on the premises to buy various products. A laser show is also scheduled here in the evening, where the whole story of the Ikshku dynasty with comments will be shown through pictures in the waters of Suryakund.

For this, a project worth about forty crore rupees has been sent to the administration. Municipal Commissioner and Vice Chairman of Ayodhya-Faizabad Development Authority Neeraj Shukla said this. He said that in the future, only the authorities will take care of the management of Suryakund. He said that the whole is planned and arranged in such a way that tourists can visit here all day long.

Under this scheme, Haban Kund will also be given to the Sun Temple for the religious ceremonies of the visitors. Apart from this, a science park will also be set up along with the facilities of Nakshatra Vatika for the children and their other attractions.

According to Mr. Shukla, Municipal Commissioner and Vice-Chairman of the Authority, locals will come to visit in the morning. Their admission will be free. At the same time, again tourist tickets will be arranged to keep the premises clean and tidy.
He said that in addition to solar and fancy lighting in the entire complex, fountains will be provided to keep the pool water clean and enhance its beauty. It is also proposed to build an open air theater in the complex, where other major religious ceremonies can be held from time to time in addition to Ramakatha and Ramlila.

Shri Shukla, vice-president of the authority, said that earlier Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath had visited here and he had given instructions for the development of the entire campus. The whole plan has been prepared by the order of the Chief Minister. There is also a provision to organize regular laser shows as per his instructions.

He said the laser show will last about an hour and a half, showing views of the entire campus, including the Sun Temple, through cellular lights at various locations. Here the full story of the Ikshku dynasty will be displayed along with the image and the comment will also run in the background.


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