Have you ever been on a cruise? Maybe, but have you ever been on a cruise that sails in a river? And now the probability dwindles. There is just one other in Varanasi. And what a tourist attraction it is! And now, if things go as planned you might soon get to experience a Ramayana-themed cruise in Ayodhya. Get ready for Ramayan Cruise Tour in Ayodhya

The plan is to operate a cruise boat on the Saryu River with the iconic Guptar Ghat being the starting point. The voyage would be about 7 Kms long and culminate at the Naya Ghat. People on board would get to witness the majestic Saryu aarti from the cruise!

The cruise would be themed in such a way that it depicts life of Ram. You might just feel you are in the aqua version of the Pushpak Vimaan. And that won’t be it. The passengers would be treated with a delicious veg meal –of course, way better than that on airlines.

The progress on the plan is quick. Presentations have already been made to relevant authorities and things might start taking shape any time soon. All set and done, Ayodhya would stand tall as the centre of tourism in India.

Luxury cruise on Saryu river in Ayodhya

1- About Cruise:

(a) The cruise will be equipped with all the luxury comfort, safety and security features at par with the global standards.

(b) The 80-seater cruise will be fully air-conditioned.

(c) It will have large glass windows so that the tourists can experience the scenic beauty of Ghats.

(d) Kitchen and pantry facilities will also be available for the tourists.

(e) The cruise will have bio-toilets and hybrid engines system for the ‘zero effect’ on the environment.

2- Aim: The project aims to give the mesmerizing experience of the divine journey to devotees visiting holy city Ayodhya. 

3- Interior: The interior of the cruise and the boarding point will be based on the theme of Ramcharitmanas. 

4- Ramcharitmanas Tour:

(a) The tour will be of 1 to 1.5-hour duration, covering approximately 15-16 km distance.

(b) It will feature a 45-60 minutes video based on Ramcharitmanas by Goswami Tulsidas, depicting the period from the birth of Lord Ram to his Rajyabhishek.

(c) Selfie points inspired by different episodes of Ramayan will also be set up.

(d) The tour will be followed by Saryu Aarti where the tourists can actively participate.

5- Benefit of Ramayan Cruise Tour: It will not only attract a huge number of tourists every year but will also generate employment opportunities in the region. 

Are you excited for Ramayan Cruise Tour in Ayodhya


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