Located at Chaudah Koshi Parikrama Marg in the Darshan Nagar area, at a distance of 4 km from Ayodhya, Suraj Kund is a big tank surrounded by ghats that presents an exclusively beautiful sight to visitors. The Suryavanshi rulers of Ayodhya, it is believed, constructed the kund to pay obeisance to the Sun god.

In ancient times this place was also called Ghoshark Tirtha. It is believed that in ancient times a king named Ghosh once saw the sages and sages taking a bath in the pool while passing through here. After this, he also took a bath in the pool. The body of the king became divine after bathing. Knowing the glory of the place from the sages, he worshiped Lord Bhaskar. It is believed that Suryadev also gave him darshan and his sharp image produced him. King Ghosh installed the statue.

Due to the construction of King Ghosh, this place was called Ghoshark Tirtha in ancient times. Later, Raja Darshan Singh built the Kund and temple at this place, so that he and his descendants and Ayodhya people will always get the grace of Suryadev. The region was named Darshannagar after his name. A fair is held here every year in the month of Bhadra, in which thousands of devotees attend.


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