Ram Katha Museum in Ayodhya

Uttar Pradesh is home to many holy places and Ayodhya being a part can never lose its charm. Besides the various holy places that are visited by many devotees and priests, Ram Katha Museum is a big tourist attraction.


Ram Katha Museum was established in 1988 and is popularly known as Ram Katha Sangrahalaya.


History lovers are drawn to it by the interesting collection of art and artefacts. The coins, rare palm leaf manuscripts and pottery that are exhibited here throw a great deal of light on the past. You can find pottery, objects made of terracotta, textile as well as metal objects that form an integral part of the repository. The museum authority is trying its best to make the place even better by increasing the collection.

People who visit Ayodhya for spiritual purposes also cannot distract themselves from the beauty of this Ayodhya Museum as several antiquities kept here are related to the life of the holy deity Lord Rama.


It is located at Raj Sadan in Ayodhya which is 1.2km from Ayodhya railway station and 9.3km from Faizabad railway station.

Lucknow airport is the nearest airport.


Ram Katha Museum remains open on all days from 10.30 in the morning to 4.30 in the evening except on Mondays.

Make sure this place is at the top of your bucket list else you will miss out on witnessing the collections of a fairly rich depository.


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