Some places are not just famous for what they are but hold a great significance in history.
Such place is Mani Parvat Ayodhya. It is mentioned in the Ramayana that Lord Hanuman pulled up an entire mountain containing the rejuvenating sanjeevani booti to treat Lakshman who was wounded in a battle by Meghnad. It is said that a portion of the mountain fell at a place in Ayodhya.

The mound or the hillock is called Mani Parbat. The parvat also has a stupa made by the great emperor Ashoka.People believe that Lord Buddha stayed in Ayodhya for six years and gave his sermons about the Law of Dharma.


The height of the top of the Mani Parbat is 65 feet. The view from the top of the Mani Parbat is mesmerising and breathtaking as the entire city of Ayodhya along with other surrounding areas is visible from here.There are many shrines at the top of the hill for the people who want to worship. Jhulanutsav is initiated from Mani Parvat itself.There is another mound named Sugriv Parbat.


It is situated at Kami Ganj in Ayodhya.It is 1.9 km from Ayodhya Railway Station and 10.4km from Faizabad Junction.

The time required to see the entire place is 1-2 hours.

Don’t for to visit Mani Parvat Ayodhya in your Trip to Ayodhya.


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