When the Earth consumed Sita, Ram knew that his duties on Earth were over
and he decided to return to Vaikunth, but that couldn’t be accomplished as Hanuman won’t allow Yam, the God of Death to meet Ram. To distract Hanuman,
Ram threw his ring into the underworld (Paatal) and asked Hanuman to procure it.

Ram then invited Yam, but he put forth a condition that the conversation between them must remain unrevealed and if anyone intercepts the conversation, Ram will kill the person.

Ram asked Laxman to guard the gate to ensure no one came in to intercept
the meeting of Lord Ram and Yam.

In the meantime, angry sage Durvasa came in to meet Ram only to be halted by Laxman.
Angry Durvasa warned that he would curse Ayodhya if not allowed to meet Lord Ram.

Seeing the situation, Laxman decided to go and talk to Ram
and hence intercepted the meeting.

After this incident, to fulfil his brother’s promise, Laxman went to Saryu and gave up his life.


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