Kanak Bhavan Temple, Ayodhya:

Dedicated to Lord Ram and his companion Sita, Kanak Bhavan is the largest artistic and architectural temple and has a lot of significance. King Dasaratha built this aesthetic temple in Ayodhya at the request of Queen Kayekeyi.An epitaph of Vikramaditya from Kanak Bhavan. On it, the varna of Dwapara Yuga was inscribed. It states that when Krishna visited Ayodhya after Jarasandha, he witnessed Padmasana Devi doing expiation on the mound of Kanak Bhavan. The same epitaph states that Samavatgupta also renovated this building in the year 1761 AD.

Apart from being the most beautiful and attractive structure in Ayodhya, it is not only beautiful from outside but the inside is breathtaking too. The deities installed in the sanctum are so beautiful and captivating that one goes awestruck looking at them.The deities are so divine that one cannot stop themself from staring at the deities and feeling the spiritual pull.

This temple is said to be a marriage gift to Lord Ram and his wife Sita from Ram’s stepmother Kayekeyi. After some time passed, it fell to ruin and was renovated multiple times.

There are three pairs of idols of Lord Ram and Sita. Rani Shri Vrishbhan Kunwari installed the largest pair, followed by Vikramaditya who installed the second and the medium heighted pair, and the third is believed to be given by Krishna.

Ram’s son, Kusha was the first one to do the reconstruction of the site followed by King Rishabdeo in the middle of Dwapar.

It is 2.2 km away from Ayodhya Railway Station and 9.1 km from Faizabad Junction.


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