“Bol Sambha, Kitne cuisine the ?” Well, the popular dialogue from Sholay looks apt to reflect the scores of cuisines available at Café Bollyfood. If you are still caught up with the idea of ‘cafes’ being dark and dull places for coffee-starved people, this particular nest in Ayodhya is here to burst all your myths.

These guys serve almost everything in a brightly lit place embellished with everything ‘Bollywood’. You may just say it’s a ‘happy place. When did you hear about a theme-based café in Ayodhya before? We are betting some money you never did.

We had this little one in a conversation with the owner over some food and couldn’t help ourselves from slipping down the ‘Bollyfood’ lane. A little glance at the menu and we knew at once, that these guys were taking their Bollywood theme quite seriously!

Top to bottom, each dish on the menu was named after either a Bollywood star, a popular dialogue, or an iconic movie. Well, to say the least, we had some fun time ordering. And while the masters were at the work in the kitchen, we cajoled Pushpjeet Singh Chawla, the proud owner to spill some beans on the idea behind this wonderful café.

“Our café serves an authentic range of mouth-watering and lip-smacking starters, shakes, soups, refreshments, varieties of coffee and tea, main course, desserts and beverages. And while we serve the varieties, we also ensure everything here is strictly vegetarian. Our chefs are like artists at work. They do a wonderful job keeping the customers happy. And by the blessings of the almighty, the people who walk through this door always return with a smile. A popular compliment we always get is ‘I fell in love with the first bite. What more could I have asked for?”

While, he continued expressing his sheer joy in running the café, in came the cold coffee. And boy, were we blown away!

Now as our hearts melted with the creamy coffee, we managed to keep just enough attention for Pushpjeet. The struggle was real. Not our fault though, the coffee was amazing.

“Customer satisfaction is the first thing that we keep in our mind while preparing any dish. We try our best to consider all the reviews given by our customers on different platforms like Zomato, and Swiggy as well as at our cafe and make changes accordingly. The value of our food is determined in such a way that it may turn out to be pocket friendly for all classes of society so that each and every person can enjoy the food served by us at our cafe. Cafe Bollyfood is loved by families, students, couples, friends, colleagues.. ahh just everybody. We make sure they are all comfortable here”

Cracking him in midst of his talk, arrived the second wonder of the day –a gorgeous-looking plate of noodles. And now, we had two distractions on our table.

“My long-term goal is to see this cafe touching more heights in the upcoming years and getting more recognition by the people throughout the country. Also collaborating with efficient individuals and opening franchise in different parts of the city as well as country”

The effort to stick by a theme and maintain top-notch quality is quite too much but this place is putting up a show at that. Bollyfood’s game is quite up!

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About Owner

bollyfood owner

Pushpjeet Singh Chawla

Hello, I am a Software Engineer by profession and was working with Infosys, Pune, Maharashtra, India. I had a dream of opening my own cafe in my hometown (Ayodhya) and so I left my job and came back to my hometown and started this venture in the town.


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